is an annual event, which combines an exhibition, a symposium, workshops, music performances and last but not least the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards.
SHIFZ first organized the ROBOEXOTICA 1999 at VEKKS, 2002 it moved to Museumsquartier Wien, wherein it has moved to the larger Freiraum from Electric Avenue in 2005. link

Cock-Bot-One is a longdrink-generating bartending robot with coin insert and choice of three cocktails + ice. Cock-Bot-One has won the ACRA in the category "cocktail-mixing-robots" 1999 and

- floating above patrons heads, the talking pod takes orders and serves manmade drinks around the room.
As a permanent installation at VEKKS this serving bot every once in awhile gets a new feature or modification.

Mr. Coco
starts moving, when a glass is placed upon him, to have it filled at the dispensing station. Subsequently Mr. Coco returns, following a line. link (german only)

Binary Drug & Mockin' Minority's Music are 'techno-shamanic' band-projects, working with "Mind-Machine-Music" starting 1995.

Mind-o-Matic Brainwashingmachine: link

TBS  prototype 2.0 teleroboted brainwashing system
link (german only)

AL-C: link

Neuronal guided tour through Vienna
link (german only)

Brain Racing
link (german only)

link (german only)

SMS Bots
are a cooperation between Sergey Teterin and SHIFZ 2006 - Link
... Freudbot


Wormh le
link (german only)

link to how-to-build (in german) pdf-file