SMS Bots were created by Sergey Teterin (RU) who first realized the project in russia, where mobile messaging is just as popular as in the rest of europe.

When he introduced us to the concept in 2004, we planned to train a cocktail conversation bot together for ROBOEXOTICA 2005. This we did(*), and thanks to a microgrant from the city of Vienna the SMS Bot project will grow a solid branch in Austria. The cocktail conversing bot shall be split in two unilangual versions and around april 2006 the training for a bot with different talents is to kick off.

(*)we failed in making it send SMS messages though - this problem is to be taken care of as i write by our pal Adrian Dabrowski, who could be brought onboard the project!

Here's the original description of Sergey Teterin's SMS Bots:

Our specially educated 'artificial personas' communicate with you by means of sms. They will be at your disposal for the conversation with you on any subject around the clock, 24 hours a day.

Who are they, these sometimes wise, sometimes dull virtual creatures - "first swallows" of the coming Era of Artificial Intelligence or just an illusion of communication? The author of the project - Sergey Teterin is offering you just to play with them, to feel what "the humour from machine" is.

... the cocktail conversation SMS bot which was trained in an online group effort won the ACRA (Annual Cocktail Robot Award) 7.0 in the conversation category!

News as of May 2006:
Training for our new Vienna SMS-Bot, who has it's focus on something else than Cocktailrobotics, has started -
Freud Bot will even soon enter a test-SMS-stage before being officially presented around september!
Here are some screensshots from the training: 1 , 2, 3 ...

July 2006:
Freudbot has a page.
When Adrian is done programming the interface the telephone-number 08282709901132 will work for all bots -
the human conversation partner will have to use either "freudbot" or "tenderella" etc. to chose between the SMS-bots.

March 2007:
Freudbot was presented Nov. 2006 at WerkzeugH is since available at his russian number 0079 2264 22022 for mobile robo-therapy.
Tenderelle made her debut at ROB÷XOTICA last December and can be talked to at 08282709901132 .

Magnus Wurzer, Adrian Dabrowski, Sergey Teterin