ALAN - SHIFZ Dept. of Robotics


ALAN is a mobile robot unit, which can be operated either fully or partially automated. It is equipped with a snckbox and a drink dispenser. The moving camera eye radiotransmits audio- and videosignals to the base, that can be connected to the internet via TCP/IP.
Infraredsensors inform ALAN on persons moving in his range. The robot can react through movement, opening of the snackbox or acustically. Messages in a robovoice and music are stored as MP3 files.
The possibility of collision is hindered by bumper sensors.


The movement of the bot itself, the eye movement and the add-on modules can either be determined by it's own motives, but all those can also be teleremoted.
The teleremote unit can be set up as a VR-situation, or the audio and videosignals can be publically shown.
When the VR-headset is used, the head movements are converted into the camera eye movements of the bot.

Camouflaged as a servbot, ALAN can sneak into events -
and bring back closup shots of people paparazzi can hardly supply.

Technichal Components


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