Syntharturalistic Art Association

"Some random viewers break out in cold sweat." (Tools+Toys 3/2000)

SHIFZ are a Vienna (Austria) based art group founded 1996. Their interdisciplinary works revolve around conciousness altering techniques and the challenges of modern technologies.

One of SHIFZ' main aims is to point out the bonds between modern sciences and art in general and to demonstrate the way specific technologies effect artistic production in the 21st century.

Electronic media serve as a means for artistic expression and, at the same time, are confronted with the variety of "traditional" forms of expression.

One important issue within their activities is communication and collaborating with local and international artists and artists' groups working in the field of perception resp. who critically/creatively deal with the developments within the information era.


Past Activities

"Abstract Brainbody Circumstances" - series of events, Wien, 1996
Participation at  "Labyrinth" Festival, Kopenhagen, Sept/Okt 1996
Exhibition "Jam", Semper Depot, Akademie für Angewandte Kunst, Wien (participation)1997 (featured on "Seitenblicke"))
Exhibit, VEKKS, autonome Kunstgallerie, Wien, 1997
Exhibit, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, 1997
escape-lounge, public-netbase forum, Mediaspace, Messepalast Wien, 1997 - EEG-music
Exhibition "Verstandsaufnahme", Schloß Gloggnitz, 1998(participation)
SHIFZ-o-Vision - 2 x ½ hours television on TIV, Mai/Juni 99
Performance "Brainwashingmachine"zur E-55 Rallye 99 at RHIZ - Live-broadcast on Radio Orange
Participation in "Wahrnehmungsralley E55", Wien-Berlin, '97 u. '99
"Rapid-Brainwash", Cafe Zapata, Berlin, '99
Exhibit & Performances "Brainwashingmachine", KunstGalerieBunker Wiesbaden, '99
Exhibit "Brainwashingmachine", Vitrine i .d. Babenbergerpassage, Wien, '99
Exhibit of "Cock-Bot-One", british short film night, WUK, Wien '99
ROBÖXOTICA '99 - VEKKS, Wien - featured on TIV

cooperation w/ NurSchrec (VitalReality and Space-Navigation), Berlin
concerts with brain/computer-interface "Binary Drug": TÜWI, Arena, Flex, Wien '95-'97

"AL" surveillancerobot in coop w/ NurSchrec, Vitrine Babenbergerpassage, Wien
24h brainwash - Vitrinen-Installation in Babenbergerstrassen-Passage/Wien / shortfilm (Fragment zum Spülfim 0.5)
Body of work exhibition SHIFZ 1995-2000 (Bericht in Tools&Toys)
Participation an Hearings des Institut für Transakustik (iftaf)
Participation "Der Staat, der Tod, ..." (P. Handke), Stift Griffen (Kärnten) - Installationen, Musik, Klang (s. Pressespiegel)
shortfilms: Fragmente zum Spülfim 0.6, 0.7
Participation in Georg P. Thoman-Symposium, ars electronica 2000
Participation "4000 revolutions" - Soundinstallation im Riesenrad
transart-Festival: Zagreb, Netclub mama: Installation of Brainwashing-Salon and neuronal guided tour of Vienna
participation exhibit "superheroes", podroom, Wien
Installationen of Cocktailrobot I at British Shortfilm Nights
Publikation of an article/transcript in Sinn-haft and installation "BrainRacing" at presentation of the magazine.
ROBÖXOTICA 2000  - Berichte auf TIV

participation am Prix Ars Electronica Cyber Arts 2001 - interactive arts.
TBS prototype 1.0 - Tacheles / Berlin
Wien Gondel - Tacheles/Berlin
WienGondel - VEKKS / Wien
WienGondel - iftaf / Wien

March: TBS prototype 2.0 - Basis Wien - cooperation with EvaT.
April: SHIFZ organises a russian tour with shows at SKIF-Festival for the bands Art Reform Unit, Fuckhead and Naked Lunch
May: Wien-Gondel, Arena (Kühlraum2)
Sept: cooperation w/ EvaT. - "Screenies", Galerie am Park, Wien
Nov: Organising of ROBOEXOTICA 2002  Electric Ave., Museumsquartier Wien, hosted by monochrom
Dezember: Annual Cocktail Robot Awards at Kallco-Haus, Breite Gasse 6
                    Lecture/Powerpoint-presentation at Magasin, 3., Hegergasse 21, as part of the event "Interdisziplinär"

Jan:    Lecture at Buryzone, Bratislava
Feb: SHIFZin´ gears / mediated spaces - im magasin, 1030 Wien
April: Kunst am Park
May: Zippie-Fest
June: Soho in Ottakring
July: Wurml ch am Park
Nov: ROB÷XOTICA 2003

Jan.: art's birthday
May-Aug.: Andererseits: Die Phantastik
July: Wurml ch
Okt: netznetz
Nov: ROB÷XOTICA 2004

Jan-April: UPDATE
Sept: Open Knowledge Architectures / MediaArtCafe hosted by SHIFZ: Innovative Musical Practices
Okt: Open Knowledge Architectures / MediaArtCafe hosted by SHIFZ: Testing the Turing Test
Dec: Production of ROBOEXOTICA feature (4hrs.) on Okto TV
         Participation re.sonance.005

SMS-Bots, a cooperation with Sergey Teterin, Freudbot
Brainbay 1.1 released
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