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Curriculum Vitae Magnus Wurzer, born 22.8.1970 in Mödling, by Vienna.

With 15 I started commuting to computer school in vienna. Soon I came in contact with 80s punk subculture.

During a stay in Amsterdam, summer 1989, I was impressed by Mutoid Waste Company's sculptural works.

1990, I quit school and travelled to India for a few months.
At that time I did a lot of drawing and neared the awareness I wanted to call myself an artist.

At ars electronica 1990 I was impressed by the presence of Leary, Gibson, Minsky, Sterling, from who's work i had previously drawn a lot of inspiration.

1991 I had my first exhibition of paintings in Raab, Upper Austria.

1992/1993 I focused on working with clay pottery. Forming and painting 3 dimensions, yay!
I frequently sold works at Mödling's arts&crafts market.

On the side I started a second computer education at TU Wien.
Actually that's where I met Chris Veigl!

2 US-trips, 1993/1994 brought me in contact with Seattle's exciting cocktail (and rock) culture. I have to thank my friend Russell Scheidelman for infecting me with the Tiki-virus then.
1994 I returned with an extension card for my PC that's a Mindmachine: it enabled me to use a quite out of the ordinary interface for music composition.

Binary Drug and Mocking Minority's Music were resulting projects..

1995 I had an exhibition of paintings together with Anne Suttner in Vienna.

1995/1996 I also took part in performances of Kurt Schwitters "Zusammenstosz"

1996, together with Jakob Lediger, Gerhard Grasböck, Mandana Eibegger, Christof Veigl and Gerhard Grestenberger I founded SHIFZ, the syntharturalistic art association.

Activities since:

"Abstract Brainbody Circumstances" - series of events, Wien, 1996
Participation at  "Labyrinth" Festival, Kopenhagen, Sept/Okt 1996
Exhibition "Jam", Semper Depot, Akademie für Angewandte Kunst, Wien (participation)1997 (featured on "Seitenblicke")
Exhibit, VEKKS, autonome Kunstgallerie, Wien, 1997
Exhibit, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, 1997
escape-lounge, public-netbase forum, Mediaspace, Messepalast Wien, 1997 - EEG-music
Exhibition "Verstandsaufnahme", Schloß Gloggnitz, 1998(participation)
SHIFZ-o-Vision - 2 x ½ hours television on TIV, Mai/Juni 99
Performance "Brainwashingmachine"zur E-55 Rallye 99 at RHIZ - Live-broadcast on Radio Orange
Participation in "Wahrnehmungsralley E55", Wien-Berlin, '97 u. '99
"Rapid-Brainwash", Cafe Zapata, Berlin, '99
Exhibit & Performances "Brainwashingmachine", KunstGalerieBunker Wiesbaden, '99
Exhibit "Brainwashingmachine", Vitrine i .d. Babenbergerpassage, Wien, '99
Exhibit of "Cock-Bot-One", british short film night, WUK, Wien '99
ROBÖXOTICA '99 - VEKKS, Wien - featured on TIV

cooperation w/ NurSchrec (VitalReality and Space-Navigation), Berlin
concerts with brain/computer-interface "Binary Drug": TÜWI, Arena, Flex, Wien '95-'97

"AL" surveillancerobot in coop w/ NurSchrec, Vitrine Babenbergerpassage, Wien
24h brainwash - Vitrinen-Installation in Babenbergerstrassen-Passage/Wien / shortfilm (Fragment zum Spülfim 0.5)
Body of work exhibition SHIFZ 1995-2000 (Bericht in Tools&Toys)
Participation an Hearings des Institut für Transakustik (iftaf)
Participation "Der Staat, der Tod, ..." (P. Handke), Stift Griffen (Kärnten) - Installationen, Musik, Klang (s. Pressespiegel)
shortfilms: Fragmente zum Spülfim 0.6, 0.7
Participation in Georg P. Thoman-Symposium, ars electronica 2000
Participation "4000 revolutions" - Soundinstallation im Riesenrad
transart-Festival: Zagreb, Netclub mama: Installation of Brainwashing-Salon and neuronal guided tour of Vienna
participation exhibit "superheroes", podroom, Wien
Installationen of Cocktailrobot I at British Shortfilm Nights
Publication of an article/transcript in Sinn-haft and installation "BrainRacing" at presentation of the magazine.
ROBÖXOTICA 2000  - Berichte auf TIV

participation am Prix Ars Electronica Cyber Arts 2001 - interactive arts.
TBS prototype 1.0 - Tacheles / Berlin
Wien Gondel - Tacheles/Berlin
WienGondel - VEKKS / Wien
WienGondel - iftaf / Wien

March: TBS prototype 2.0 - Basis Wien - cooperation with EvaT.
April: SHIFZ organises a russian tour with shows at SKIF-Festival for the bands Art Reform Unit, Fuckhead and Naked Lunch
May: Wien-Gondel, Arena (Kühlraum2)
Sept: cooperation w/ EvaT. - "Screenies", Galerie am Park, Wien
Nov: Organising of ROBOEXOTICA 2002  Electric Ave., Museumsquartier Wien, hosted by monochrom
Dezember: Annual Cocktail Robot Awards at Kallco-Haus, Breite Gasse 6
                    Lecture/Powerpoint-presentation at Magasin, 3., Hegergasse 21, as part of the event "Interdisziplinär"

Jan:    Lecture at Buryzone, Bratislava
Feb: SHIFZin´ gears / mediated spaces - im magasin, 1030 Wien
April: Kunst am Park
May: Zippie-Fest
June: Soho in Ottakring
July: Wurml ch am Park

Jan.: art's birthday
May-Aug.: Andererseits: Die Phantastik
July: Wurml ch
Okt: netznetz

Phlow-Interview on ROBOEXOTICA (in german)

Jan-April: UPDATE
Sept: Open Knowledge Architectures / MediaArtCafe hosted by SHIFZ: Innovative Musical Practices
Okt: Open Knowledge Architectures / MediaArtCafe hosted by SHIFZ: Testing the Turing Test
Dec: Production of ROBOEXOTICA feature (4hrs.) on Okto TV
         Participation re.sonance.005

Translation of Cory Doctorow's shortstory Truncat - Schnipsel, released in Wienzeile Sciene F(r)iction Issue
Link to Schnipsel on

Article/Interview by Sergey Teterin in Russian, Nov. 2005

SMS-Bots: Cooperation with Sergey Teterin and Adrian Dabrowski
June: Exhbition getuned - dinge im kontext / ESC, Graz



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