The term cocktailrobots was coined in connection with R O B O E X O T I C A -festival and refers to robots that mix and/or serve drinks but also lead bar-conversation, light cigarettes or have achieved anything else in terms of cocktailculture.

From SHIFZ Dept. of Robotics

Cockbot One:
Created by Chris Veigl 1999 and improved on continually. Mixes three different drinks from 5 ingredients plus ice.
Read about Cockbot One on SHIFZ-blog.
Link to Cockbot One's page.

Alan can operate autonomously or remote-controlled, carrying snacks and one kind of drink.
He also films his surroundings and broadcasts the signal back to his base
Link to Alans's page.

Again enginered by Chris Veigl, this bot was decorated by Magnus Wurzer.
Gaston senses when a glass is put upon him and starts off towards the drink dispensing station, following a line ...
Link to Gaston's page.

From Builders loosely affiliated with SHIFZ

A massive creation by Robert Martin - solid looks, impressive (noisy) performance.
This cocktailrobot is dedicated to making mojitos exclusively.
Read about Robomoji on SHIFZ-blog.

A fragile concoction of wood, LEGO and electronic parts, Gesundheit offers three different drinks.
Fra Ablinger's robot is a beautiful example of what marvels can be achieved with a slim budget and MacGyverish genius.
Read about Gesundheit on SHIFZ-blog.

From Builders totally unaffiliated with SHIFZ

Tom Heike built this friendly robot companion who can serve drinks, show emotions and play music.
Link to Robofriend's page.

Whiskey Pourer + Drink Delivery:
A robotic duo by Kal Spelletich, where one pours and the other delivers the drink.

El Espanol Borracho:
By Simone Davalos.

By David Calkins.

External Combustion Engine:
By Jonathan Moore.

De-activated cocktailrobots / Cocktailrobotic Hall of Fame

This one is probably the first cocktailrobot ever - built by Honeybee Robotics in the eighties, it could understand spoken orders and reply accordingly.
A state-of-the-art robot-arm of the 80s, it could single-handedly mix a number of different drinks.
Read about Ernie on SHIFZ-blog.
Video - long version

Cynthia (by Dick Becker) had her own bar in downtown London around the turn of the millenium - alas, the establishment was sold 2003 and the robot put out of charge.
Read about Cynthia on SHIFZ-o-Vision blog.

Alice T. Electrix:
Part of the first several ROBOEXOTICAs this bot has featured various skills in addition to bar-conversation, among them dispersing drinks, when a glass was placed in front of the head's mouth.
Created by Aaron Kaplan.

Mr. Coco:
A cocktailrobot by Chris Veigl from 2002, made with a LEGO robotics set - able to fetch a drink, following a line.
Link to Mr. Coco's page.

Scientist's Day:
Spirits are secreted by this installation, when a visitor is sensed. By mschuber.

Son of Ep:
By FH Technikum.

By Mic Wlodokowski.

Cigarette-Lighting Robots

This robot lights and smokes cigarettes in his quest to relief humankind of repetetive and hazardous tasks.
Says maker Adrian Dabrowski.

Remote-controlled spider, carrying a candle. Not the highest high-tech, but quite efficient and reliable.
Concocted by nurschrec!.

Drinking Robots

A true barfly, this robot first bums money to buy a beer, when this is achieved he gulps it down his transparent bladder.
By Humanoid Robotics Lab / Times Up
Link to Barbot's page.


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History of Cocktailrobotics - a timeline of developments.

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